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Dust off your Secchi Disk! It's time to gear up for Summer Lake Monitoring!

Trophic Status Index (TSI) Monitoring

The Carlson Trophic Status Index (TSI) is a tool used to summarize measurements of water quality into one index value. This value can be used to compare lakes in the same region or as a historical comparison of improvement or degradation over time. A.W. Research Labs recommends completing this monitoring on a monthly basis from May through September each summer. 

Annual Cost = $210.00 per site

Data reporting includes a monthly TSI trend analysis (shown above) so you can understand the nutrient cycle of your lake. You will also receive a one page monitoring summary at the end of the sampling season.

Click here to download the sign-up form

TSI Mapping Overflight

A.W. Research Laboratories has developed a multispectral camera that measures the TSI values for the entire lake. The camera's capabilities are similar to combining approximately 870 manually collected samples per acre and mapping the results to one image. The raw images are then calibrated with a Secchi disk reading.  

Why TSI Mapping?

The client receives:

Cost is $0.95 per acre plus mobilization. Contact us today to receive a free cost estimate for your lake.

High Arsenic Levels Found in Drinking Water on Ojibwa Road in Brainerd

Several homeowners on Round Lake and North Long Lake in Brainerd have tested their wells recently and found Arsenic levels exceeding the health limit of 10 ppb in their drinking water. This map shows the locations where high arsenic concentrations have been found in orange and red. If you live in this area we strongly recommend testing your well water for arsenic.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element in groundwater and can be found just about anywhere in Minnesota. Long term consumption of arsenic in drinking water can cause serious health problems including an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Arsenic has no taste or odor and can vary greatly from one well to the next, so it’s important to have your well tested. The Minnesota Department of Health estimates that around 10% of Minnesota wells contain arsenic concentrations above the health limit of 10 ppb. 

We are offering arsenic testing at a discounted rate of $20.00 (regular price is $26.00) for anyone who lives on Round or North Long Lakes. Sampling kits can be picked up at our office, or please call us at 218-829-7974 to have a kit mailed.

Click here for more information about arsenic in drinking water or call our office at 218-829-7974.